I started around 2008 and provide high quality, timely and sharp images for a wide range of applications.
As for the name "HorribleShots," it's essentially a play on words. The term "Shots" refers to photo/video-graphy “shots”, and by adding "Horrible," I am making a humorous and self-deprecating statement about the quality of my shots. The intention behind the name is not to suggest that my shots are actually terrible, but rather to convey a lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek attitude I have towards photo/videography.
Over the years, HorribleShots became well-known for providing fast and sharp shots.
My Method
On the Pricing page, you'll find all the possibilities for the photoshoots. Feel free to let me know if you have something else in mind. You can then contact me via the contact form.
Great that you want to shoot with me! We'll discuss a date for the shoot, and you'll receive a confirmation along with my brochure containing tips and information. If needed we can schedule a call or meet in person to discuss your wishes.
Yes! It's the day of the photoshoot. If needed, we'll discuss the weather beforehand. Let's make it an incredibly enjoyable experience.
I will start selecting and editing the photos. Within 3 weeks, you'll receive an online gallery with all the beautiful photos.
You will also receive a mini album from me. Beforehand, I will send you an online preview to check and choose a cover color.
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